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Name:Haunted Boston Social Network
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This is the social network for characters in the Haunted Boston RPG.

Haunted Boston: A Ghost Hunting RPG
Timeline: Present Day
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Tone: Variable. From silly (the “slimer” factor) to spooky. Yes, we are inspired by Ghostbusters, but not married to all of it.

G. Host and Company (GHC) employs a team of specialists to investigate reports of hauntings and other otherworldly phenomena and, when necessary, provide containment, capture, release, or eradication. They are contracted by a variety of clients, including private consumers and the federal government (which occasionally asks that specimens or subjects be turned over to them). GHC investigates ghosts, poltergeists, spiritual possessions, extrasensory perception, strange weather activity, potential hoaxes, and even echoes (like a time loop… an area where an incident keeps replaying). In all cases, discretion is required for client confidentiality. For each case, a group of specialists is sent on assignment based on their availability and skill set. Assignments are mostly in Boston, but some require journeys into neighboring areas.

GHC's front company is a funeral home and crematory. The company is located in an old Victorian home (146 Dorchester Street, South Boston). It is near St. Augustine Burying Ground. The business was founded in 1912 by an old Boston family (under the name Gorman Hearse Company), who had provided hearses for funerals before expanding to mortuary and crematory services. This led to a quiet side business of spiritual cleansing and banishing. Within the last few years, what was once a purely family business received additional funds from a private benefactor (Gerald Hargreaves) in order to modernize their methods (the science of containment) and research doorways between dimensions. However, the team disappeared, which has made new employees a must for GHC and its eccentric owner. As for employees, GHC is interested in psychologists, medical doctors or paramedics, historians, detectives, scientists, clergy, engineers and mechanics, funeral and mortuary staff, and those with special gifts (ex. medium). Muscle is sometimes required for heavy equipment.

The existence of the supernatural has not been publicly proven (there are skeptics and believers). GHC comes by its clients through a network or referrals and by placing ads in various places. They are not the only ones in this business. There is at least one splinter group that competes for cases and might, perhaps, even sabotage the work of GHC. There are tabloid reporters who would love to get hold of concrete evidence of the supernatural. Conflict also comes from police encounters, the church, even a university science department.

TO APPLY: Email a 3-5 paragraph description of your character to the moderators. You may include demographics (name, age, sex, preferred PB), background information (hometown, education, where they've been and what they've been doing), interests (hobbies, skills, profession), and defining personality traits. You might also include character motivations, if relevant. We may have suggestions. Otherwise, when approved, the mods will grant you access to the roleplaying and out-of-character communities.

MOD AOL IM: poeticfangs *or* eyelinergirls

* Be kind. Assume good will of others and treat others with respect.
* Be timely. Don't let scenes drag on without communicating with your writing partner.
* Be engaged. Keep up with the community through the OOC and regular reading of scenes.
* Be communicative. Use email, instant messenger, Facebook, or Dreamwidth to talk to people.
* Set high standards. Please spell- and grammar-check your writing before posting it.
* Don't steal. Please don't plagiarize.
* Label things. Please place adult content behind labeled cut-tags. Use your best judgment.
* Listen to input. If you're hearing something over and over again, it's probably got some merit.
* Have fun!
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